MagiCodex Plugin Guide for ChatGPT:

Explore MTG with MagiCodex plugin for ChatGPT - your ultimate guide for rules, cards, tutorials, and prompts. Enhance your game now!

We reviewed the MagiCodex Plugin designed to enhance your ChatGPT experience.
We believe this plugin will make your use of ChatGPT more efficient.


The MagiCodex plugin is a specialized tool designed to provide information about the card game "Magic: The Gathering" (MTG). It can answer questions about MTG rules, cards, and other related topics.


You can use the MagiCodex Plugin features in ChatGPT more efficiently by examining them.

Card Lookup

Search for specific MTG cards based on various parameters such as name, color, type, and more.

  1. Rules Query:

Get answers to questions about specific MTG rules by providing a snippet of the rules text.

  1. Fuzzy Card Name Search:

If you're unsure about the exact name of a card, this feature will find the closest match.

  1. Random Card Display:

Get details of a random MTG card.

  1. Booster Pack Lookup:

Retrieve a booster pack from a specific set using its set code.

  1. Logo Retrieval:

Obtain the MagiCodex logo in PNG format.


We've compiled prompts that demonstrate what you can do with the MagiCodex Plugin in a more understandable way and will benefit your usage of ChatGPT.

Card Lookup by Artist

Show me cards illustrated by [Artist's Name].

Use the query_cards_cards_get function with the artist parameter.

Cards with Unique Keywords

Find cards with the keyword 'Hexproof'.

Use the query_cards_cards_get function with the keywords parameter.

Legendary Creatures of a Specific Color

Show me blue legendary creatures.

Use the query_cards_cards_get function with the colors and types parameters.

High Mana Value Cards

Find cards with a mana value of 10 or more.

Use the query_cards_cards_get function with the mana_value parameter.

Cards from a Specific Set

Show me cards from the [Set Name] set.

Use the query_cards_cards_get function with the set_code parameter.

Rules Query for Specific Mechanics

What are the rules for the 'Equip' mechanic?

Use the query_rules_rules_get function with a snippet of the rules text related to "Equip.

Random Card Challenge

Give me a random card, and I'll build a deck around it!

Use the get_random_card_random_get function.

Booster Pack Exploration

What cards are in the [Set Name] booster pack?

Use the get_booster_booster__set_code__get function with the set code.

Card Lookup by Power/Toughness

Find creatures with a power of 7 and toughness of 7.

Use the query_cards_cards_get function with the power and toughness parameters.

Cards with Specific Flavor Text

Show me cards with flavor text mentioning 'dragons'.

Use the query_cards_cards_get function with the text parameter focused on flavor text.


Card Lookup

Use the query_cards_cards_get function.

Provide parameters like name, colors, types, etc. to narrow down your search.

The results will display relevant cards based on your query.

Rules Query

Use the query_rules_rules_get function.

Provide a snippet of the MTG rules text as the query.

The results will display the relevant rules based on your query.

Fuzzy Card Name Search

Use the get_fuzzy_card_name_fuzzy_get function.

Provide the approximate card name.

The results will display the closest matching card.

Random Card Display

Use the get_random_card_random_get function.

No parameters are required. The result will display a random MTG card.

Booster Pack Lookup

Use the get_booster_booster__set_code__get function.

Provide the set code of the desired set.

The results will display a booster pack from the specified set.

Logo Retrieval

Use the get_logo_logo_png_get function.

No parameters are required. The result will display the MagiCodex logo in PNG format.


When using the MagiCodex Plugin, security is of utmost importance for the protection of user data and systems. Here are the security measures you should consider when using the MagiCodex Plugin:

Data Integrity

Always ensure that the data you're querying is accurate to avoid misinformation.

  1. Avoid Overloading:

While the plugin is robust, avoid making rapid consecutive queries to ensure smooth operation.

  1. External Links:

The plugin may provide Scryfall URIs for detailed card information. Always ensure you're accessing trusted sources when following external links.

  1. Updates:

Regularly check for updates to the plugin to ensure you have the latest features and security patches.

  1. Personal Data:

Do not input personal or sensitive information into the plugin. It is designed solely for MTG-related queries.


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Michael GoughMichael Gough

Very straight-to-point article. Really worth time reading. Thank you! But tools are just the instruments for the UX designers. The knowledge of the design tools are as important as the creation of the design strategy.

Jese LeosJese Leos

Much appreciated! Glad you liked it ☺️



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