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Explore the CoinMarketCap Plugin for ChatGPT: Real-time crypto data, trends, news & more. Your ultimate crypto guide!

We reviewed the CoinMarketCap Plugin designed to enhance your ChatGPT experience.
We believe this plugin will make your use of ChatGPT more efficient.


The CoinMarketCap plugin integrates with the CoinMarketCap API to deliver real-time and historical data on cryptocurrencies. It provides a comprehensive view of the cryptocurrency landscape, offering details on individual cryptocurrencies, market trends, exchanges, and the latest news.


You can use the CoinMarketCap Plugin features in ChatGPT more efficiently by examining them.

Realtime and Historical Price Data

Fetch the latest market quotes or historical market quotes for selected cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Details

Access metadata for specific cryptocurrencies, including name, description, logo, website links, platform data, and supply specifics.

Trending Metrics

Identify trending cryptocurrencies based on notable price shifts within set time frames or based on CoinMarketCap's internal metrics.

Crypto News and Articles

Stay updated with the latest news and articles in the cryptocurrency space.

Blockchain Statistics

Get up-to-date statistical data on various blockchains, including block rewards, consensus mechanisms, hashrate, and transaction details.

Exchange Information

Fetch metadata for cryptocurrency exchanges, including name, logo, description, launch date, and related URLs.

New Crypto Listings

Discover recently added cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.

Market Pair Data

Access the latest market pairs for a specific exchange, providing the latest price and volume information for each market.


We've compiled prompts that demonstrate what you can do with the CoinMarketCap Plugin in a more understandable way and will benefit your usage of ChatGPT.

Market Overview

What's the current market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market?

How many cryptocurrencies are currently listed on CoinMarketCap?

Specific Cryptocurrency Data

What's the current price of Bitcoin in USD?

Has Ethereum reached its all-time high recently?

Can you provide a brief overview of Cardano?

Trending and Performance

Which cryptocurrencies are trending this week?

Which coins have seen the highest gains in the last 24 hours?

How has Dogecoin performed over the past month?

Blockchain Insights

What's the current hashrate of the Bitcoin network?

How many transactions have been processed on the Ethereum blockchain today?

Exchange Information

Which are the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume?

Can you provide details about the Binance exchange?

News and Updates

What's the latest news in the cryptocurrency world?

Are there any recent regulatory updates affecting cryptocurrencies?

New Listings

Which cryptocurrencies have been newly listed on CoinMarketCap this month?

Are there any upcoming coins that are generating buzz?

Historical Data

How did Bitcoin's price change in 2020?

Can you show the market cap trend of the entire crypto market for the last year?

Comparative Analysis

How does the performance of Litecoin compare to Bitcoin over the past 6 months?

Which coin had a better return on investment since its launch: Ripple or Stellar?

Global Metrics

What percentage of the global market cap does Bitcoin currently hold?

How has the global trading volume fluctuated over the past week?


Fetching Data

Use the appropriate function based on what data you want to retrieve. For example, to get the latest market quotes for Bitcoin and Ethereum, use the getQuotesLatest function with the symbols "BTC,ETH".

Filtering Results

Many functions allow you to filter results based on specific criteria, such as time period, language, or cryptocurrency symbol/slug.


Some functions support pagination, allowing you to specify the start point and limit the number of results returned.

Currency Conversion

Convert market quotes into multiple fiat/cryptocurrency values using the convert parameter available in many functions.


When using the CoinMarketCap Plugin, security is of utmost importance for the protection of user data and systems. Here are the security measures you should consider when using the CoinMarketCap Plugin:

Rate Limits

Be mindful of the rate limits imposed by the CoinMarketCap API. Making too many requests in a short period can lead to temporary suspension.

Data Accuracy

While CoinMarketCap is a reputable source, always cross-check critical data with other reliable sources before making any financial decisions.

Avoid Sharing API Key

If you're using a personal API key to access the CoinMarketCap API, never share it with others. Treat it as you would a password.

Stay Updated

Cryptocurrency data can be highly volatile. Ensure you're always working with the most recent data by regularly fetching updates.

Use Secure Connections

Always ensure you're using secure connections (HTTPS) when accessing or integrating with the CoinMarketCap API.


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