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Bonrix Dynamic QR Plugin Guide for ChatGPT:

Streamline UPI payments with Bonrix Dynamic QR Plugin for ChatGPT: Create custom QR codes & stickers easily for secure transactions.

We reviewed the Bonrix Dynamic QR Plugin designed to enhance your ChatGPT experience.
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The Bonrix Dynamic QR Plugin for ChatGPT is a specialized tool designed to generate QR codes, primarily for facilitating UPI (Unified Payments Interface) transactions. This plugin enables users to create dynamic QR codes that can include specific payment amounts and merchant names, making it ideal for businesses and individuals looking to streamline their payment processes. It offers the flexibility to generate both standard QR codes and QR code stickers, catering to a variety of use cases. With its focus on ease of use and customization, the Bonrix Dynamic QR Plugin is a valuable addition to ChatGPT's capabilities, enhancing the user experience in managing digital transactions.


You can use the Bonrix Dynamic QR Plugin features in ChatGPT more efficiently by examining them.

Dynamic UPI QR Code Generation

Easily create QR codes for specific amounts, linked directly to a UPI ID. This feature is particularly useful for merchants or service providers who need to request payments from customers.

Customizable QR Codes

The plugin allows the inclusion of a merchant's name in the QR code, offering a personalized touch and enhancing brand visibility.

Sticker Generation

Apart from standard QR codes, the plugin can generate QR code stickers, which are useful for physical storefronts or packaging.

Flexibility in Amount Specification

Users have the option to generate QR codes with or without specifying the amount. This flexibility is beneficial for donations or variable payment scenarios.

Ease of Use

The plugin's straightforward interface ensures that QR codes can be generated quickly and without requiring extensive technical knowledge.


We've compiled prompts that demonstrate what you can do with the Bonrix Dynamic QR Plugin in a more understandable way and will benefit your usage of ChatGPT.

For a Local Craft Fair

Generate a QR code for customers to pay for handmade crafts at our stall. Set the amount to ₹300, linked to our craftfair@upi ID.

Café Payments

Create a dynamic QR code for our café, 'The Daily Grind', so customers can pay for their orders. Each QR code should be for ₹150.

Charity Fundraiser

I need a QR code for accepting donations at our charity event. It should link to charity@upi but let donors choose their donation amount.

Freelance Services Payment

Can you provide a QR code for my graphic design services? The payment of ₹2000 should go to my UPI ID: designsbysam@upi.

Yoga Class Registrations

I want to create a QR for yoga class fees. Each session costs ₹500. The payment goes to yogawithlily@upi.

Home Bakery Orders

Need a QR code for my home bakery. Customers should pay ₹250 per order to bakerydelights@upi.

Garage Sale Collections

Set up a QR code for receiving payments at my garage sale. No fixed amount, just link it to garagesale@upi.

Music Lessons Enrollment

Generate a QR for my music lessons, charging ₹750 per lesson, payable at musicmaster@upi.

Art Workshop Fees

Create a QR code for art workshop attendees to pay ₹1200. The UPI ID is artworld@upi.

Personal Training Sessions

I need a QR for my personal training sessions, costing ₹1000 per session, linked to fitcoach@upi.


Generating a UPI QR Code

Input the UPI ID and the specific amount for the transaction.

Optionally, add the merchant's name for personalization.

Use the generateUpiQr function to create the QR code.

Creating a QR Code Sticker

For a more durable or display-friendly option, use the generateUpiQrSticker function.

Follow similar steps as above, adding the UPI ID, amount, and merchant name if desired.

QR Code Without a Fixed Amount

To create a QR code without a pre-set amount (useful for donations), use the generateUpiQrWOA function.

Provide the UPI ID and optionally the merchant name.


When using the Bonrix Dynamic QR Plugin, security is of utmost importance for the protection of user data and systems. Here are the security measures you should consider when using the Bonrix Dynamic QR Plugin:

Secure UPI ID Handling

Ensure that the UPI ID used is secure and not shared publicly beyond the intended QR code usage.

Verification of Amounts

Double-check the amounts entered before generating the QR code to avoid transaction errors.

Privacy Considerations

Be mindful of the privacy implications when including a merchant's name in the QR code.

Regular Updates

Keep the plugin updated to ensure you have the latest security features and bug fixes.

Scam Awareness

Educate users about the risks of QR code scams and the importance of scanning QR codes only from trusted sources.


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