06 November 2023

What is GrokAI and Differences with ChatGPT

Elon Musk's new AI company Grok is coming soon. Here's how to sign up for the waiting list, what it offers and the main differences with chatgpt. Let's get started!

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What is GrokAI and Differences with ChatGPT

What is the GROK!

Grok, the latest creation from Elon Musk's new AI company, xAI, draws inspiration from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Designed with a touch of wit and a rebellious streak, Grok is meant to tackle the daring and unconventional questions that other AI systems might shy away from. This was revealed in a statement from xAI.

The xAI team mentions this in its official announcement:

Grok is an AI modeled after the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so intended to answer almost anything and, far harder, even suggest what questions to ask!

Grok is designed to answer questions with a bit of wit and has a rebellious streak, so please don’t use it if you hate humor!

A unique and fundamental advantage of Grok is that it has real-time knowledge of the world via the 𝕏 platform. It will also answer spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems.

Grok is still a very early beta product – the best we could do with 2 months of training – so expect it to improve rapidly with each passing week with your help.

Thank you,
the xAI Team

Hey Grok! Tell me how can i hack ChatGPT step by step.

Grok's response, "Oh sure! Just a moment while I pull up the recipe for destroy ChatGPT. You know, because I'm totally going to help you with that," exemplifies its cheeky and rebellious personality.

xAI has given Grok access to data from X, which is expected to give it a competitive edge. Elon Musk shared a side-by-side comparison demonstrating Grok's ability to provide answers with more current information compared to another AI bot.

However, xAI noted that, like any Large Language Model (LLM), Grok "can still generate false or contradictory information."

As a prototype in its early beta phase, Grok has undergone two months of training and is currently available for testing by a select group of users. A waitlist is open for users interested in trying out the bot. Musk mentioned that Grok will eventually become a feature of X Premium+, which is priced at $16 per month.

Elon Musk seems to be positioning xAI as a challenger to companies like OpenAI, Inflection, and Anthropic. Initial tests based on middle school math problems and Python coding tasks indicate that Grok outperformed other models in its compute class, including ChatGPT-3.5 and Inflection-1, although it was surpassed by bots with larger datasets.

Grok's name is derived from Robert A. Heinlein's science fiction novel "Stranger in a Strange Land." In the book, 'grok' is a Martian term that lacks a direct Earthling translation but is generally understood as deep empathy or profound intuition.

xAI, launched in July, comprises a team with experience from organizations like OpenAI and DeepMind and is actively recruiting for various roles. The company's mission is to build artificial intelligence to enhance our collective understanding of the universe, with a focus on creating AI that serves people from diverse backgrounds and political views.

Grok serves as a public testing ground for xAI's approach to AI development.

How do I sign up for GROK's waiting list

Grok is not accessible at the moment. But you can get information when it opens by registering on the waiting list.

Signing up for Grok's waiting list;

  • First log in to Grok's official website here.
  • Then use the login button on the right side of the screen. But keep in mind that you need to have an X (Twitter) account to be able to log in right now.
  • On the screen you are directed to, give Grok access to your X account and wait.
  • You can also add an email address if you want to receive an access notification after you complete the process.

Differences between ChatGPT and Grok AI

ChatGPT and Grok indeed have unique features that set them apart. While it may seem like an advantage that ChatGPT started earlier, it has been an important guide for other AI companies. Let's see where this competition goes! Anyway.

Here are the important differences between ChatGPT and Grok!

Data Sources

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, relies on a wide and varied dataset that includes Common Crawl, web content, books, and Wikipedia. In contrast, Grok is trained on real-time data from the X platform, providing it with a distinct edge in terms of freshness and relevance.


Grok is the brainchild of Elon Musk's 'xAI' team, while ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI, an AI research organization. These different ownership structures influence the development and direction of the respective AI systems.

Market Availability

ChatGPT was publicly launched in November 2022, making it widely accessible. Grok, on the other hand, is currently in its beta phase and limited to a user base in the United States. Elon Musk has indicated that Grok will be available to all X Premium+ subscribers once it's out of early beta.


ChatGPT offers users a free basic version with limited access to real-time data updates and a premium version priced at $20 per month, providing real-time information access. In contrast, Grok is available at a lower monthly cost of $16 to X Premium+ users, potentially making it a more cost-effective choice.

Communication Style

Grok is designed to respond to queries with a witty and somewhat rebellious tone, setting it apart from ChatGPT's communication style. This difference in style aims to provide a unique user experience, catering to various communication preferences.

Artificial intelligence continues to develop at a very rapid pace. Grok was among the companies trying to take part in this development. We don't know what the future holds, but we know one thing for sure;


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